Price list

for Consignment Processing over Duty and Excise Office Olomouc



Every issued Document of  Custom Declaration

200,- CZK


Every issued Item of the Document of Custom Declaration

50,- CZK


Performance of the Form: Document of Declaration Customs Value

50,- CZK


Performance of the Document  Certifikate of Origin



Performance of the Document EUR 1

100,- CZK


Participation of the responsible Person through Duty Administration

120,- CZK /30min


Assumption of the Part 3/8 - Document of Custom Declaration

20,- CZK


Performance of the Document CMR

100,- CZK


Performance of the CarnetTIR

500,- CZK


Other Secondary Expense: Telephone, Fax, Post Fee and others

real value


Allowance of financial Guarantee for Custom Remittance, TAV and others taxes

5 °% from Payments of Fees


Supply of financial guarantee settlement of custom dedbts by text 222. clause 1., letter a), second subparagraph Custom codex association

5 °% for each begining week


Manipulation Fee for Cash Payment

50-250,- CZK

INTRASTAT: fixed payment tariff

500,-Kč for statement / month

INTRASTAT: processing data for month

50,-Kč for custom list entry


Duty Stamps Sale

Duty Stamp Value

Electronic transfer data to customs office





Prices on agreement are without VAT.


Prices are valid from 1.2.2007